Customer Projects

  • Data Collection and Analysis of Hydro Plant Buildings Condition;
  • Existing MES-system was redesigned and reimplemented for execution on Microsoft.NET platform. Software system is used for data collection, storing, analysis and visualization in modern production plants. The first system components are deployed since August 2010.
  • Research project related to motor activity pattern studies when using Virtual Reality 3D manipulators. Both software and hardware systems were designed for rehabilitation of motor activity of hands for patients with lesions of the CNS. Currently the device is under comprehensive clinical trials;

While participating in projects as subcontractor our staff has gained strong competencies in the areas of business applications such as finance, manufacturing industry, medicine.

In 2010, the company starts joint development with the Science Research Laboratories on radiophysical methods of remote sensing implementing public web services for calculation dielectric permittivity soil moisture using several theoretical models.